Ten years ago Indego Africa was founded by father and son, Tom and Matt Mitro. The wanted to create a business model that allowed artisan women living in rural Ghana and Rwanda to be able to market their crafted products and make a living to raise themselves out of poverty. 


Not only are women given agency and independence in their lives through steady income, they are also provided with education programs in entrepreneurship, leadership, business and financial management. These programs allow the women to develop knowledge and skills to become leaders in their communities. 


“I am a role model in my village and my cooperative, I am glad that I can motivate and encourage other people to develop themselves and not just accept life as is, but look to the future for other opportunities”  Donatha Tuyishimire Imirasire Cooperative, Rwanda


Indego Africa is partnered with over 1000 women in Rwanda and Ghana to sell the products which are designed in New York and handmade in Africa. They are made with local materials, traditional techniques and local skills. 


Indego Africa looks into long term change in these communities that will continue into future generations. As the founder Matt says “It is not enough to provide short term income or a rich eduction in isolation. There’s no used in helping one generation, while another languishes.” 


All profits from product sales, donations, and grants are invested into education programs for the women and youth in the communities. 


We are so excited to support this cause, we hope you love these handcrafted bags as much as we do! 


Select styles available in store, for more information check out their website! https://indegoafrica.org/about