As Canada Day celebrations continue we wanted to celebrate another Canadian business! Chelsey, the owner and creator of JQ Vancouver handmakes gorgeous necklaces and we have a fun Q & A to share with you so you can learn a little more about her and how she started out!

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Who are you, where are you from, what do you love?

Hi! I'm Chelsey the owner, designer and creator of JQ Vancouver. I've grown up on the Lower mainland for most of my life and I love it here. Most of my days are spent making necklaces, taking photos of necklaces and trying to come up with new designs and I couldn't ask for anything better!



How did you get started making jewelry? Was it just a hobby at first? How did you go from hobby to business, How did JQ Vancouver get started?  

To be honest, it was a bit of a fluke. I went to school for Fashion Design but that never branched into anything jewelry designing. I knew at the time I didn't see myself designing and creating clothes but I knew I was in the right field overall. After graduating and landing a job at a local boutique, I found myself somewhat surrounded with local brands which was kind of new to me. I always loved long pendant necklaces as an accessory and after meeting some local designers, I thought, "Hey they’re just normal people, why couldn't I do that?" I played around at home with some pieces I bought at Michaels and soon after I decided to just go for it! I planned out a handful of first designs and searched away for pendants and pieces and once I had them in my hands, it was trial and error figuring out how to put them together! 


Do you have a favourite piece in your current collection?

Like any girl, I'm always for my newest design, lol. Probably because at the time it's the most me! Currently the Triangle Necklace is a favorite, it's so simple yet has its own edge as well.


JQ Vancouver is a very Canadian name! How did you come up with it and what is the meaning behind it?  

I know, right! The name started when I was in school and we had to create our own "company." Originally, JQ Vancouver was Jane O'Quinn abbreviated to J O'Q. Which was the name of my Great Grandmother and my middle name (Jane) was named after her. When working on the logo it just seemed to be easily mis-read as JOQ (Jock) which was not the sound I was going for. I then shortened it to JQ to keep it simple and to the point. Then, once it came to creating a social media account JQ Vancouver was the easy go to, it took and I still love the sound of it! People always ask what JQ is and I love that it truly has a meaning.


Vancouver is one of our favourite places to visit in Canada. Being from Vancouver, what is your favourite Canadian vacation destination? 

I definitely do! My all time favorite (that I've visited so far) is Tribune Bay Beach on Vancouver Island. It's honestly one of the most tropical feeling places I've been to!


What did you do to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday? 

 I was doing a local market in Chilliwack with JQ! 


Thanks so much to Chelsey for giving us some insight into her creative process! We happily sell select styles in store and online, and if you searching for more, check out her website at