Gift Cards

Thank you so much for your interest in purchasing a gift card! We really appreciate that you thought of us.
1. How to purchase a MAD gift card.
Call the shop at 204.489.1151 and a Mad team member will happily process your purchase over the phone!
2. How do I get my card once it has been ordered?
You can pick up your card at the shop during our curbside pick up hours. Please note that if you need your card shipped, it is essentially mailing cash. If it gets lost, we are not liable for the missing amount. We strongly recommend paying for shipping with tracking to ensure you receive it. 
3. How do I redeem my gift card?
Our in store till and website operate on different processing systems which means our gift cards cannot be redeemed directly on our website. If you aren't local, and would like to redeem your gift card, please call the shop at 204.489.1151 or send us a DM and we can help you out from there!