Chic and Practical: Packing for a Family Vacation with Style

Packing for a family vacation

This Sunday our crew is heading south to Sarasota and we are so excited. We’ve never been and would love to hear all your recommendations! 

I have been so inspired by the rich textures of linen & crochet and have fallen in love with this seasons black and white graphic prints. Needless to say these elements have completely inspired my outfits for the trip. 

I am getting better at packing more minimally (travelling with kids problems) and wanting to make the most of each piece with multiple outfit options! 

Here’s a peek at what I’m packing for our family trip to Florida and some of my tried & true packing tips.

Linen and Crochet inspirations

Inspired by the rich textures of linen and crochet, I packed pieces for this trip that aim to capture the essence of coastal elegance. Linen, with its breezy feel and natural wrinkles, effortlessly exudes a relaxed vibe, perfect for the warm and sunny weather of Sarasota. Crochet, on the other hand, adds a touch of femininity and intricate detailing that complements the coastal aesthetic.

Graphic prints

This season's obsession with black and white graphic prints has found its way into my suitcase for the Sarasota adventure. These bold patterns not only make a statement but also offer versatility in creating diverse looks. I am loving this one piece swim suit from HM that really captures the vibe I'm going for! 

Whether it's a chic monochrome ensemble for a dinner date or a playful mix-and-match for exploring the vibrant local scene, the black and white prints promise to be the perfect companions for a stylish vacation.

Pack more minimally

Everyday trouser Styled 3 ways

Traveling with kids can turn packing into a logistical puzzle, but I've embraced the challenge by adopting a more minimalistic approach. The key is to pack strategically, focusing on versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits. This not only saves space but also ensures that each item serves a purpose, making the most of the limited luggage capacity. 

My most packed piece for warmer weather is our Everyday Trousers. This is one of our most popular styles at the shop; they're super comfortable with an elastic waist and flowy leg. They're a great piece to bring in your suitcase because they pack down super small with minimal wrinkling.

I love how you instantly feel elevated; they're easy to throw on for any moment. From an on-the-go airport look, to a day at the beach, to a dinner out. 

woman standing in a door frame wearing white trousers
woman standing in a door frame wearing white trousers
woman standing in a door frame wearing white trousers

our top 3 packing tips

Roll your clothing so it fits compactly in your suitcase.

Pack your bathing suits inside your hat so that it doesn't get crushed.

Use packing cubes or Ikea closet organizers to keep things neat, especially for any kids items!