Summer Party Recap; celebrating the first day of Summer

As the warm weather finally rolls in and the days get longer, we're finding ourselves still dreaming of our summer party! The past few weeks have had us quite busy planning and setting up for our summer launch and we were so excited to finally see it come to fruition on the official first day of summer!

image of the front our a boutique with a flower bar arranged in front
photo of inside a boutique store

We launched a gorgeous collection of pieces from stunning floral dresses to adorable knit vests. It was such an inspiring drop that had the whole team excited! Our goal was to have every single person who stepped foot into the shop on Thursday feel like they were walking into a warm European dream.

With Aperol spritz’s being served at the door, a DIY bloom bar outside, and the beloved Jillian Leigh offering permanent jewelry, it truly felt like summer here at the shop!

two ladies holding bouquets of flowers and shopping bags
aperol spritz cart set up with oranges and a flowers
close up of an aperol spritz

A couple team members (and mini members!) were able to join in on the fun and got some permanent anklets themselves! Delicious appetizers were enjoyed, laughs were shared, and memories were made.

little boy holding a bouquet of flowers
jillian leigh permanent jewelry chains
woman taking a selfie in a summer dress
brushetta and arancini

It's always such a treat for us to be able to host events for all of you who truly mean the world to us. Nothing quite compares to seeing your smiling faces walking into the shop and being able to brighten your day. As we head into these warmer months, we cannot wait to help you find all of your wardrobe needs!

See you soon!