The Brands Behind Us: B.Young & Ichi

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The Brands Behind Us: B.Young & Ichi

As we continue to curate our summer collections and bring new labels into the shop, we strive to find brands that resonate with our personal messaging, client needs, and that fit into our carefully assembled seasonal stories. 

We have been eagerly incorporating two specific Danish brands into existing and upcoming collections over the past few months. Ichi and B.Young deserve a highlight as they have built a large portion of our summer collection that we are so incredibly excited to share with you! 

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Ichi has been providing high quality pieces of clothing in an accessible price range for two decades. Their brand message embodies the idea of helping clients find their true authenticity through self-expression with the use of colours, patterns, and styles.

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B.Young is another incredible brand that strives for affordability while staying up to date with current trends. They advocate for fair work practices in all aspects of the company from their countries of production, to their employees, to the materials used. 

“We want to help set new standards of accountability throughout our process, from initial idea and design to the finished product in the stores.”

Helle Olsen. Brand Director

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Both of these brands have provided us with great opportunities to bring more financially accessible pieces into the shop along with a more size inclusive inventory as both brands run from size XS to XXL and 34 to 44/46 respectively, which is so important to us. These brands have played a major part in curating our upcoming collections and sparking inspiration within the team to put forward a collection that we are all incredibly proud of.

We cannot wait for you to shop these new brands with us and fall in-love with the summer collection we have created for all of your pool days, cabin weekends, and patio nights!