Tomato girl summer made easy: how to wear red

We’re so in-love with the tomato girl aesthetic and that means vibrant reds are taking over our wardrobes! We've been seeing quite the surge in pops of red in the fashion world. Whether it be accessories, shoes, hand bags, skirts, and sweaters, red is coming in hot!

If you feel intimidated by this trend or are finding it tricky to incorporate into your existing wardrobe, you're definitely not alone!

However, we’re here to tell you that there’s no reason to be afraid! If you've been wondering just how to add this fiery pop of colour into your wardrobe, you're in the right spot. Let us guide you through our tips and tricks for incorporating red into your tomato girl wardrobe this summer!

Start Small

Our number one tip is to start small with red! Start with a touch within an outfit just to dip your toes in.This could be a red ballet flat, a red bag, or even a red nail colour. These are great starting points to get yourself comfortable with wearing a statement colour. 

Red can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if it is a colour that is not prevalent in your current wardrobe, so starting small is a great way to get comfortable with it.

Wear with Neutrals

Another one of our tips would be to wear red alongside more neutral pieces. Think creams, linen beiges, denim blues, or black shades. When incorporating red into outfits, it tends to work really well with more subdued hues as it gives it the opportunity to pop!

A classic pair of mid-wash straight leg denim, a white poplin button up and a red patent shoe is a perfect example of keeping an outfit neutral while allowing the red to shine. Or, picture a white linen skirt, a red tank top and a brown sandal. 

They key is making sure that the supporting pieces of the outfit are more neutral to counter the bright hue of the red.


Another great trick is by adding pops of red in through patterns. Think a red and cream striped dress or are gingham short. These are easy yet still eye catching ways to add a hint of red with a little flare! It may also feel more wearable than a solid red piece of clothing if that feels like too much to start out with.

Think Classic Silhouettes

Letting the colour be the focal point of the piece is what will make your pop of red seem effortless. Classic silhouettes are just that, classic. 

A white button down, a black midi skirt, straight leg denim, or linen trousers are all timeless silhouettes that will never go out of style which can also make the tomato girl aesthetic feel more wearable everyday! 

We’re sure you have some great pieces in your closet already that can be effortlessly incorporated into a tomato girl wardrobe!

Embrace it

Our last tip is to simply embrace it! Trying something new may put you out of your comfort zone, but sometimes that's where the best fashion discoveries occur!

Adding red to your wardrobe is a balance between simplicity and statement making. Finding the right pieces that work for you and feeling comfortable and confident in them is the key. Our tomato girl collection has been specifically designed to ease you into the colour palette and help in embracing this bright hue.